Trailer released!

We’ve officially released our trailer for Super Narcoleptic Girl! Here it is:

As of December 6th, we’ve already had over 8,000 views of our Facebook video.

Trailer Credits:
Song: Type of Wound by Natalie Grace Alford
Sound Mixing: Kris Franzen
Special Effects: Greg Szydlowski
Trailer editing: Catherine “Povs” Povinelli
Writers and creators: Sarah Albritton and Catherine “Povs” Povinelli
Director: Larry Ziegelman
Director of Photography: Jon Kline

Actors: Sarah Albritton, Catherine “Povs” Povinelli, Greg Hollimon, Elliot Lerner, Maria Knoll Benner, John T. O’Brien, Robin Margolis, Tom Donovan, James Fisher Jr. and Kristen Lundberg.

Additional Series Cast (not in trailer): Marissa Chastain, Keith Kelly, Teddy Feltes, Joe Hirte, Wanjiku Kairu, Zuri Gilbert and Max Ziegelman.

Assistant Director: Johnny Lange
Script Supervisor: Kayla Tenboer
Prod. Designer: Robert Salazar
HMU: Taylor Darcy
Graphic Designer: Dan Zhang
Grip: Kate Zenie
Gaffer: Robert Felker
Wardrobe: Britney Lefever
BTS Footage: Debbie Klonk
2nd AC: Chloe Collins
PAs: Bea Dageforge, Johna Albritton


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