Staged Reading Cast

Super Narcoleptic Girl had a staged reading at iO Chicago. Below are bios of the cast involved.

Staged Reading Cast (In Alphabetical Order)

Charles Belt (Super DMV Agent, Rufus, Bobby)

charles-belt-headshotCharles Belt fell in love with the stage at 12, when he got the opportunity to play the scarecrow in his community theater’s production of the Wizard of Oz. Since then, he’s been in dozens of plays, along with sketch, stand-up, variety, and improv shows, both in his home state of Arkansas and his new home of Chicago.

Amanda Lynn Deal (Becky, Gladys)

amanda-lynn-deal-headshots-no-borderWest Coast born and raised, Amanda Lynn Deal moved to Chicago in 2012 to try her hand in sketch, improv and stand-up. She’s performed improv and sketch with The Chuck-Charlies and is a producer for Ego Trip Club and Secrets, Lies, & Alibis. Between hosting, producing, sketch and living in a van, Amanda continues to pursue her passion for stand-up comedy as often and wherever possible. 

Tom Donovan (Jamie) 

image1Tom Donovan is a writer, actor, director, and producer from Chicago, Illinois.  He has written, produced, and performed in many sketch comedy shows such as “Kedzie High Sex Ed”, “Fuckin’ Millennials”, and “The Cool, Cool, Cool Show”.  In addition he has directed, written, and starred in several digital shorts.  He currently works on “Chicago Med” and can be seen in the stage production of “Dylan’s Apartment” at the iO theater.

Gregory Hollimon (The Amazing Sting, Empanada Man)

 greg-hollimonA Native Chicagoan, Gregory Holliman’s credits include Strangers with Candy, The Fugitive, A Family Thing, Sirens, Mad TV and the upcoming show Shrink. Holliman has worked with the Court Theatre, Second City, Lifeline Theatre and Steppenwolf. He almost had a chance to sleep with Brooke Shields in 1992.

Elliot Lerner (InsomnaBro) 

elliot-lerner-headshotMuch like everyone else, Elliot is a comedian, actor, and writer living in Chicago. He is a producer at Secrets, Lies & Alibis, and originally hails from Winston-Salem, NC. 

Kristen Lundberg (Veta, Supermates App, Peanut, Suzie)

kristen-lundberg-imageKristen is from Dayton, Ohio. She is what some might call the spawn of Dayton. This Ohio native currently performs in showcases all around Chicago. She loves art, science and how they can be blended together for the sake of entertainment.

James Zekis (Stage Directions)

james-zekis-headshotJames Zekis is a writer and stand up comedian based out of Chicago.