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Sarah Albritton & Catherine Povinelli

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January 29, 2018

Web Series “Super Narcoleptic Girl” New York Premiere Screening and Show

New series highlights real issues living with narcolepsy through the lens of comedic superhero  

BROOKLYN, NY – A new web series, “Super Narcoleptic Girl” (#SNG) created by Chicago-based comedians Sarah Albritton and Catherine “Povs” Povinelli, announced today  a live show and full screening of the 8-episode (28 min), SAG New Media web series in New York on February 9th, 2018 at The Twenty Bar, 177 Grand St., Brooklyn,  NY. The show will feature stand up from Josh Johnson (Conan, The Tonight Show), Felonious Munk (Second City, Comedy Central), Rebecca O’Neal (Easy) and hosted by Amy Shanker (New York Comedy Fest) followed by the screening and a short Q&A session with the creators.

The trailer and more information can be found via the Super Narcoleptic Girl Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IMDB page and website.

The brainchild of Chicago comedians Sarah Albritton (Sleeping with Sarah Podcast) and Catherine “Povs” Povinelli (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), #SNG follows the story of a low-level, narcoleptic superhero with the power to make people dance as she struggles to save the day and stay awake. Produced and created in Chicago through One Step Below, Inc., the series features seasoned talent including Greg Hollimon (Strangers with Candy, Shrink).

The series aims to increase narcolepsy awareness as one of the co-creators/co-stars, Sarah Albritton, is a narcoleptic. The episodes center around Keelyn Klein, a superhero, and her struggles living with this highly misunderstood disorder.

“Though the characters live in a fictional world, the portrayal of narcolepsy is nothing but realistic. All of the Narcolepsy elements in the series are inspired by my own personal experiences”, said Sarah Albritton, co-writer and co-star of the series. Both Sarah and Catherine have been involved in the Chicago comedy scene for several years and met doing stand up.

The series will also have screenings in Chicago on Feb. 5th and Los Angeles on Feb. 15th. The series will be released online Feb. 15th.


About One Step Below Inc.

One Step Below, Inc. is a Chicago-based production company  created in 2017 and co-founded by Sarah Albritton and Catherine “Povs” Povinelli. Super Narcoleptic Girl is their flagship production.

Super Narcoleptic Girl Web Series Trailer! from Super Narcoleptic Girl on Vimeo.