Now Casting!

Wanna be a part of an awesome web series this summer? Well, we’re casting! That’s right, we’re holding auditions in Chicago for several roles.

If interested, please send a headshot/resume to

You can also view on

Available Roles: 

INSOMNABRO (M,24-30) –  a cranky bro-type Super with bags under his eyes who has a large list of random hobbies due to his insomnia. Please list any special skills you may have (balloon animals, magic, etc.) He works for Save the Day agency. Real name: Brian.

THE AMAZING STING (M,45) – a large half-man/half-bee with a short fuse. He’s the head of Save the Day Agency and has an addiction to honey.

PARKER KLEIN aka Mind Invader (18-22) – Keelyn’s younger, more successful sibling with the power of telepathy, and an annoying confidence. Non-gender specific.

JOE (M, 30-45) – a hard-headed bar owner without a sense of humor and a propensity for rules.

MATT (M, 26-32) – an attractive Primary with an interest in Supers who is a love interest of Keelyn.

VETA (F, 24-30) – an eccentric Doc Brown type who is constantly doing scientific experiments that go awry. She’s friends with Lee and Keelyn, who’s narcolepsy she finds fascinating.

BIANCA (F, 25-30) – an enthusiastic reporter for the city that doesn’t put up with bullshit.

BOBBY (M,20-26) – a Primary who exclusively takes his dates to improv shows because he doesn’t know any better.

SUZIE (F, 20-26) – A Primary who is naive and new to the city.

SUPER DMV AGENT (M,30-45) – A government worker who loathes his mundane life.

FRED (M,23-35 ) – a grown man in a parrot costume doing whatever it takes to make a living.

CHILD 1 (6-10) –  a child who has a hatred toward mascots.

CHILD 2 (6-10) – a child who has a hatred towards plantains.


About the Show: Super Narcoleptic Girl is a comedic web series that takes place in a world where Supers and Primaries (non-superheroes) coexist. It follows the lives of Keelyn Klein (aka Super Narcoleptic Girl), a narcoleptic superhero and Lee Snow, her Primary best friend.

Created and written by Sarah Albritton and Catherine “Povs” Povinelli.

Directed by Larry Ziegelman


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